Benefits of Saltbush

Benefits of Saltbush

Saltbush (Atriplex) is one of the oldest grazing species in Australia and is now the newest form of pelletised stockfeed.

With ongoing concerns of climate change and global warming the saltbush species is ideally suited to being able to adapt to a climate that is more inconsistent and arid.

South Australia on average produces 7 million tonnes of grain from a small area of agricultural land. It is easy to envisage that by harvesting saltbush, stockfeed production in South Australia, in theory, could be significantly increased!

This country’s vast areas of saline and arid environments could support a whole new industry and potentially provide employment in regional areas. Predictions that farmers will need to increase food production by 50% to 70%t by 2050 to feed a growing, hungry world population will demand greater efficiencies and concepts to better utilise sustainable resources whilst leaving no negative environmental footprint in the process.

Harvested saltbush helps address this dilemma with the following features and benefits

Benefits of Saltbush Stockfeed Pellets are: