About Wilson Pastoral

About Wilson Pastoral

Wilson Pastoral Australia is our family business which has operated on our property through 6 generations since 1872. It is situated at Clements Gap which is just South West of Crystal Brook at the start of the southern end of the Flinders Ranges. Our enterprise has 4 properties across South Australia and involves sheep and cattle grazing, cropping, Wiltshire Horn and Poll Wiltshire sheep studs and livestock pellet manufacturing.

Two of the properties have saltbush grazing and plantation land. We are excited to be at the forefront of a new venture to assist the Australian farmer and create an entirely new agricultural commodity.

After years of observing sheep grazing saltbush pastures, understanding the plant’s nutritional benefits and limitations, Wilson Pastoral Director, Brian Wilson developed a theory of harvesting the saltbush for stock feed.

Whilst the saltbush is an abundant source of protein to livestock it is not a complete feed stuff as it lacks the energy that is required in a well balanced diet for the animal. Brian noticed over time that animals eating both saltbush and available grasses and medics, which provide essential energy and vitamins and minerals, perform better. Born out of this was the concept to harvest and utilise the abundant natural resource of the saltbush and combine it with the high energy grains such as barley and necessary fibre for roughage, to make a pellet.

After producing a basic saltbush pellet, Brian ran a feeding trial on a mob of his own sheep that quickly took to the pellets. The family have since designed an effective harvesting system and have established a pelleting plant to produce the new saltbush stockfeed pellet in commercial quantities.

The Wilson’s foresee huge possibilities for South Australia to commercially harvest large areas of saltbush to produce stockfeed pellets and dry feed mixes from areas unsuitable for conventional agricultural production. Saltbush is an underutilised resource and fills the ever increasing gap for growers to access and afford protein for supplementary feed.

Wilson Pastoral trading as Wilson Stockfeed Pellets have been in full production since January 2018 producing and distributing stockfeed pellets throughout Australia.

Elders Rural Services are marketing the pellets using their large established network of livestock staff and clients.

Wilson stockfeed pellets are having great success with their pellets, having the ability to supply a unique, innovative and cost-effective product to the livestock industry which is provide a product to both maintain or grow livestock whilst meeting a growing market for quality saltbush flavoured lamb or beef.